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Beauty solutions in under 2 minutes with cutting edge technologies.


  • Permafix Technology locks WUNDERBROW color pigments and fibers onto the skin for up to 3 days without flaking, fading or smudging whilst still keeping the face feeling flexible and comfortable.


  • Dermaporting technology, which is found exclusively in WUNDERKISS, allows larger molecules to be absorbed into the skin more effectively. Collagen and Hyaluronic Acid, which are great plumping ingredients, but happen to be made up of larger molecules are used in this product. With help from the Dermaporting Technology, these sink into the lips beautifully when WUNDERKISS is applied


  • WUNDERLIFT is formulated using Flex-Tensor Technology, which acts quickly to reduce puffiness, fine lines and wrinkles WITHIN SECONDS, while still leaving the skin feeling flexible. This keeps the product from whitening or flaking around the eye area and leaves it feeling comfortable on the skin.


  • COVERPROOF Foundation is created using innovative Tri-Plex Technology. Three levels of the formula work together to do 3 distinct things:
  • It is a high-coverage product with a breathable film-former that allows it to be transfer-proof and smudge-proof for 24+ hours
  • It remains flexible and comfortable on the skin, meaning it 'moves' with the skin rather than 'masking' it. It also grips to other makeup products applied
  • It provides a natural glow with a polymer called POLYGLOW leaving the skin looking flawless


  • WUNDEREXTENSIONS Lash Extension & Volumizing Mascara and WUNDEREXTENSIONS Lash Extension Stain Mascara combines two formulas in the same tube that blend together seamlessly on application to create a false lash effect.
  • The ‘blue’ formula nourishes and hydrates the lash, making it thicker and ready for the next formula. The ‘black’ formula attaches mini 3D lash extensions to the lash creating length and even more volume.
  • This Dual-Formula Technology enables WUNDEREXTENSIONS Mascara to provide you with multiple lash benefits in just one stroke of the brush.


  • GEL2FOAM technology IS USED in the WUNDERTOX mask, a dual-result cleansing and purifying mask that starts out as a treatment gel, and within seconds begins to foam. It releases and delivers oxygen molecules into the pores to remove impurities and environmental pollutants, and works to protect the skin cells from further damage whilst giving the skin a healthy, natural glow.

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